Take payments on the go with MIFT MobilePay, one of the fastest, most cost-effective way to process transactions.

  • Easy set up and auto device detection so you can start processing right away
  • Compatible with over 100 mobile devices that run on iOS and Android
  • Over 2 million devices sold worldwide
  • PCI compliant security of cardholder data upon swipe
  • Manage your inventory on your mobile app
  • Online and offline processing so you’ll still get paid even if a wireless connection is lost
  • Support for cash and card transactions, voids, refunds, sales tax, tips and receipts
  • Keep track of devices and transactions reports

Superior Features for Reliable, Robust Performance

Feature-Rich Mobile App

  • Support for cash and card transactions, voids, refunds, sales tax and tips
  • Previous purchase recognition and personalized receipts
  • User-configurable inventory control and customization
  • Native device support for all of the leading smartphones and tablets


  • Compliant with the latest Visa Ready requirements for secure payment acceptance
  • Cipher-block chaining (CBC) encryption providing enterprise-grade security
  • Developed by the world’s first and most experienced provider of secure mobile card readers

Management Portal

  • View and export detailed transaction history in real-time
  • Quickly access customer information
  • Activate, deactivate & manage sub-lines as merchant’s business grows
  • Sort, filter and search transactions and contacts


  • Enterprise-ready and configurable to support the needs of merchants of all sizes
  • Advanced integration capabilities allowing you to connect with existing backend systems
  • Localization services with multiple language options
  • Online and offline processing capabilities to protect against lost wireless connectivity