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Online businesses around the world sell more every day with MIFT payment processing. We're here to help you truly "Go Global" and offer a local buying experience to your customers.

  • Credit Card Terminals / POS Resources

    Our low cost solutions enable you to securely and quickly process and accept electronic payments.

  • Merchant Support

    Our dedicated support team includes friendly customer service reps, product specialists and account executives who will give you the support and knowledge you need to succeed.

  • Business Loans

    MIFT is a nationwide provider of small business loans and cash advances. We work with small business owners everyday to get them the cash they need to grow, expand, or enhance their business.

  • High Risk Credit / Debit Card Processing

    Accept credit / debit cards and other types of electronic payments with our secure, customized solutions.

  • Mobile Card Processing

    Card Processing solutions for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

  • Partnerships

    MIFT is dedicated to forging lucrative relationships with associations & strategic partners. Increase your revenue by partnering with a trusted payment processing leader.

MIFT offers free POS with no PCI & IRS fees and Lower Discount rate!
Compare how much you will save with MIFT Merchant program.

Send us your last three months of statements and we’ll provide you a free quote. We want to know how we match up against our competitors. We pride ourselves on live customer support and one merchant account manager assigned to your business for the life of the account.

We love Startups. Tell Us About Your New Business.

Getting a merchant account for your new business isn’t a cakewalk. MIFT believes all legal and legitimate businesses should be able to accept credit card payments and support startups with lower fee. Call us today and discuss your new business with an experienced account manager – we’ll have a solution for you.